Bearing Torches


Bearing Torches was formed in 2013 and is comprised of songwriter Jon Ellison, brother and guitarist Joseph Ellison, wife and drummer Jennifer Ellison. The rest of the live band is made up of accordian, organ, piano and synth players. The material explores a tapestry of sweat and toil, victory and defeat, winners and losers. Most importantly it is about the hope that springs from day after day after day of meaningful work. Bearing Torches is known for incredibly touching live performances. Organic, rich tones that chase the material into places well beyond the sounds captured in studio. The band strives to create a spiritual experience in every performance.


“Bearing Torches is a brand-new band out of Kansas City, but it certainly doesn't sound that way. On the band's songs, lead singer Jon Ellison pushes his powerful, jagged-edged vocals to soaring heights, aided by the good company of driving guitar riffs and enthralling crescendos. There's something endearing and nostalgic about tracks like "Headlights" and "Radio Man," in which Ellison sounds every inch like the seen-better-days rock stars who undoubtedly inspired him. But there's quite a bit more to Bearing Torches than tribute chords and Bon Jovi-like swagger. Listening to the group's demos, you would never guess that the 29-year-old Ellison didn't hear his first rock song until he was 16, or that his past life included a long stint as a minister. Raised in a small town outside Tulsa, Oklahoma, as part of a strict sect of Baptists, Ellison never quite imagined that he'd get as far as being the ringleader in a rock-and roll-band, playing late shows at boozy clubs.” —  Natalie Gallagher, The Pitch