• The Basement - Nashville 

   Aug 11

•The Basement East - Nashville


• The Tank Room - Kansas City      

   Oct 23

Bearing Torches is a brand-new band out of Kansas City, but it certainly doesn't sound that way. On the band's songs, lead singer Jon Ellison pushes his powerful, jagged-edged vocals to soaring heights, aided by the good company of driving guitar riffs and enthralling crescendos. There's something endearing and nostalgic about tracks like "Headlights" and "Radio Man," in which Ellison sounds every inch like the seen-better-days rock stars who undoubtedly inspired him. 

But there's quite a bit more to Bearing Torches than tribute chords and Bon Jovi-like swagger. Listening to the group's demos, you would never guess that the 29-year-old Ellison didn't hear his first rock song until he was 16, or that his past life included a long stint as a minister. Raised in a small town outside Tulsa, Oklahoma, as part of a strict sect of Baptists, Ellison never quite imagined that he'd get as far as being the ringleader in a rock-and roll-band, playing late shows at boozy clubs. 


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Someplace Like America
The debut album from Bearing Torches
available wherever good records are sold
FEB '16

Headlights EP available on iTunes and Spotify Oct 23rd

"this is a matter of the heart. there is no business plan. we went to extremes to make this record because there is no guarantee you get to make another. if it doesn't grab you by the throat and shake some feeling out of you then we got it wrong. "